Parking at Foster

A quick reminder from Foster’s administration:
“We understand that parking is difficult, but the parking lots are for staff and handicap placard parking only.  By parking in our staff parking or blocking the parking lots our staff cannot park.  We need our staff to be here at the school to ensure our students are receiving the best.   Our staff start times vary so the parking needs to be accessible at all time for our staff.

This means for the afternoon times also.  One of our aides (her work time was over) was late to her own child’s school release time because she was blocked in.  Please respect the Staff Parking lot.

All parking laws must be obeyed.  The police will write tickets if you park in a marked zone (IE. fire zone, no parking, 3 minute parking, bus loading zone, etc. ) incorrectly.

Please be aware that in the front of the school there will be new signs and markings for a BUS LOADING ZONE only.

Foster Elementary”