About Your PTA

Welcome to the Foster Elementary School PTA. Foster is a K-5 school located in Allied Gardens. The PTA organizes a variety of fundraisers, assemblies and other events in support of all Foster students and families.

We welcome all parents, caregivers and community members to join us as we work together to assure the best elementary school experience for our children.

Your Foster PTA board for the 2018-2019 school year are:

President: Lisa Nielsen
Co-Vice president: Susan Brown
Co-Vice president: Marijke Leeuwangh
Secretary: Dana Peterson
Treasurer: Tina Rivera
Teacher Representatives: Brian Woodhouse
Principal of Foster Elementary: Karla Shiminski

4 thoughts on “About Your PTA

  1. Marie Callender’s in La Mesa is locally owned and we take pride in our involvement with the community that has supported the restaurant for over 35 years. Earlier today I dropped off an envelope with fundraising information that you will find in the PTA box. Included in this delivery was a certificate good for a whole pie. Please feel free to redeem the certificate yourself or pass it along as a sweet treat for others. That certificate is the actual certificate we provide in our Whole Pie Fundraiser program. The holiday season is prime time for a profitable whole pie fundraiser.

    We are also currently booking dates for our Dine in for Dollars fundraiser. This program gives 20% of sales generated by your supporters right back to you. Many schools have enjoyed our home cooked happiness on fundraising nights and we are ready to book a night in support of Foster Elementary.

    Please feel free to contact me for any additional information or if you are ready to book a fundraiser.

    Best Regards,

    Chrystal Stump

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